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Our Expertise


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the lynchpin app for many businesses - large & small. Customer data is not just a contact list. CRM platforms have now become end-to-end platforms to manage your entire customer lifecycle. Leads, opportunities, onboarding, training, product adoption, customer service, customer success and loyalty. With so many departments and functions involved CRM solutions have become large, complex and time-consuming to adopt, operate and scale.

SourceLogix offers a team of experts in various CRM platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot & Zoho. Our staff will help you with the right solution for the right problem. We partner with you to drive results and value. We help you build apps and launch new revenue channels. We are excited to launch Popcorn, our new app to Salesforce AppExchange to significantly boost engagement and productivity while improving data quality.


Software is eating the world, and the cloud is eating software! Cloud applications are everywhere. On-prem solutions are being usurped by cloud based systems. Do not get left behind.

We have a proven track record in deploying cloud solutions from startups to billion dollar enterprises. Our teams are experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. We help you select the right provider for your needs. We audit your transactional workloads and do capacity planning for servers, databases and analytics.

We provide resources, talent and project management for migration. Once you are in the cloud, we help monitor your spend on the cloud and find ways to optimize price to performance

We are proud supporters of the serverless movement. We believe going serverless presents a great opportunity for several use cases. We love Lambda - its flexibility, cost-savings and ability to simply tech stack is phenomenal. Our very own SaaS platform - TokTown is 100% on the cloud. Come talk to us. We will be happy to offer our insights and chart your journey to the cloud.


Communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. Communication is becoming real-time, omni-channel and highly complex. Customers struggle with too many tools, technologies and point-solutions.

We take a holistic approach to communication. We start with your needs - from CRM. Review your phone systems and transform them to cloud based telephony systems and APIs. We have proven expertise in rolling out live chat systems for customer engagement and have leveraged SMS for follow up. Done well, it is an extremely effective tool to engage with your customers.

The world has gone virtual and work happens remotely. We have expertise in adopting WebRTC based Video Conferencing. We believe having video chats right from the browser is the future of work.

Communication channels such as voice, chat, text, video need to be unified. Customers more than ever need these channels to operate as one inbox. Our solutions help you get there, and still plug and play with multiple vendors.

App Development

Apps are everywhere. Mobile apps, IOT Apps, CRM apps or GSuite apps. What are you doing about it? What is your app development strategy? With so many ways that your customers experience your product or service, how do you render a consistent, trustworthy and efficient way that caters to your customers needs - today, and in the future? We see the explosion of apps as a challenge and an opportunity.

While apps are important, what is paramount is your platform. The core of your business. At SourceLogix, we help you define your code - the unique value that you and your business solves for customers. Based on that core, we help you build Application Program Interfaces (APIs). An API-first approach is a must-do to stay ahead of the apps market. We design and develop REST and WebSocket based APIs based on your needs.

Once we have a solid API foundation, it is a lot easier to build mobile apps. We have top designers, product developers and mobile developers to build great apps that your customers and end-users will engage & enjoy. We also have deep expertise in launching apps in Salesforce, Zoho and other CRM spaces. We pride in our work building apps and browser extensions in Google platform.
Talk to us. Let us help you define your app strategy. Achieve success with our API-first, Apps on top model.

AI and Data Science

Data is everywhere. With the onset of Web apps, mobile apps, devices and IoTs there has been an explosion in data generated, stored and processed. Everyone wants to understand more about their customers, employees, processes and platforms. The struggle lies in processing all that data to gain meaningful insights and take actions and decisions.

SourceLogix has a vast array of experience in the data sciences field. We have had tremendous success in delivering insightful data in the insurance, commercial real estate and property management spaces. We have built predictive models by processing data from various data sources such as databases, flat files & system logs. Our teams understand ETL & BI extremely well and help you not just build more data warehouses but to truly manage your data and achieve data governance.

With the onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep learning and Machine Learning (ML), we believe the future of decisioning will be using both humans and systems to collaborate. We have recently implemented Google TensorFlow & Amazon LEX to render successful outcomes to our customers.

Technical expertise aside, we also have domain expertise. Our staff are experts in public record, property data, telephony data, credit data and marine data. We understand the various properties, attributes and relationships to generate the schema, define semantic maps and model geospatial applications that present data in unique ways not possible before. We believe data is king, but actionable data is King-Kong.

Conversion Optimization

Digital marketing has seen so much innovation in the last few years. More and more companies are increasing their marketing spend to chase an ever dwindling list of visitors. The work only starts once the visitor lands on their page. Most companies do not think about how to convert visitors into paying customers in the most optimal way.

Self made marketing gurus will proudly proclaim - “it is all about the funnel”. Tons of time and money are spent guiding prospects down the funnel. At SourceLogix, we believe in a flywheel effect instead of a funnel.

Prospects will have 7-10 touchpoints with a brand before they make a purchase decision. Thinking of buyer journey mapping as a flywheel that builds momentum over time will help companies approach their buyers with a refreshingly new and a lot more effective way.

We are passionate about converting customers. We provide technology expertise and augment your inbound sales teams with playbooks, processes and also staffing if needed. Our inbound teams are the best in the industry and can help you drive more sales through CRM, world class playbooks, constant follow up, close and post close on-boarding. On occasions we can also help build your customer success and retention teams build and deliver to scale.